Group Buying Power and Improved Purchasing Contracts

By utilizing the buying power of our group we negotiate and provide significant cost savings to our partners on all resources including medical supplies, equipment, office supplies and IT services. We streamline the ordering and purchasing process to make it more efficient, simpler and easier for all.

Insurance Company Negotiation

Our physicians' and staff's clinical solutions to the current economic challenges allow us to be better business partners with the insurance companies for the benefit of the patients, the practice partners and the community as well.

Human Resources and Administrative Services - Payroll and Employee Regulatory Compliance

We handle managed care issues, staff, rising costs, decreasing reimbursements, OSHA and HIPAA Compliance, etc. We free you from the day-to-day minutiae of administrative and operational issues so you can experience increased practice profits, improved patient satisfaction and employee morale, and reduced stress for physicians and staff.

Billing, Coding and Collection

Our medical billing services help with medical coding, collections, physician practice management, electronic processing, credentialing, fee analysis and more. Our combined medical billing and process expertise affords you more cost efficiencies and frees you of the headaches of managing medical billing processes, systems and personnel, allowing you to focus on clinical excellence.

Appointment Scheduling and Reminders

We utilize a custom, automated appointment reminder call system which allows for increased use of technology, flexible messaging, consistency and seamless integration for the patients. We call patients through an automatic system with a personalized human voice message or deliver appointment reminders via text (SMS), and/or email, based upon the patient's preferences.

Branding and Marketing

We offer an arsenal of communication tools to better engage both current and future patients to strengthen and increase your patient base. We develop, coordinate and implement health fairs, lecture opportunities and presentations, referral groups, electronic connections including website strategies, SEO and social media, as well as print and digital advertising programs and public relations initiatives.