Bergen Medical Associates

Internal Medicine, Primary and Specialty Care

Bergen Medical Associates offers experience, professionalism and attentive patient care. The group is represented by Board Certified physicians in Internal, Medicine, Family Medicine, Gastroenterology, Allergy and Immunology, Cardiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Gynecology, Physiatry, Podiatry, Nutrition, Colorectal and General Surgery, and Rheumatology, with training at some of the country's finest institutions. The needs of our patients are met with a comprehensive, state of the art approach. Bergen Medical Associates is committed to the highest level of patient care as we strive to make the office environment convenient, accessible and therapeutic.

Enjoying a long trusted reputation, Bergen Medical Associates continues to be a leader in the Northern New Jersey and Rockland County medical communities. Our group uses the latest technology and administers a broad range of diagnostic tests and procedures in a safe, convenient and therapeutic environment. We value lasting relationships with our patients and participate in most insurance plans to facilitate this.

Bergen Medical Associates offers experience, professionalism, and individualized care from the team of more than 50 board certified physicians, nurses and highly trained staff representing a wide breadth of specialties. Our physicians deliver quality, personalized treatment from the time a patient checks in until they depart from any of our locations. The practitioners work together as a team, resulting in a seamless continuum of care for the patients. Bergen Medical Associates cares for patients at every stage of health and illness, beginning with preventive services and extends into hospital and sub-acute rehab facilities when necessary.

Our approach and practice style is to educate our patients, treat the whole body, and provide preventive care while monitoring risk factors. We focus on thorough examinations, checking your total health, knowing that you have placed your confidence in us. We are committed to partnering with our patients to optimize their well-being. We strive to maintain good patient health and deliver accurate diagnosis and quality treatment when illness arise.

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